Siafu Magazine is focussed on providing a forum for voices from across the Montreal community spectrum. Established in 2006, the editorial collective came together around the vision of a Montreal magazine the digs deeper and works harder to put Montrealers and their concerns front and centre in every issue.

The name siafu comes from a type of ant known for living in colonies of up to 20 million, working together to provide for each member and to protect the entire group from the largest of predators, including elephants. Our hope is for this magazine to be one of those forces working for change around the world by creating a forum for views and perspectives that have been blocked from the mainstream media.

Why Are We Doing This?
Independent media is a mighty rare animal in these days of megamedia. According to the Canadian Newspapers Association, of Canada’s 102 daily newspapers, there are only 4 independents.

Initially, the Asper family, which owns CanWest, one of Canada’s largest media conglomerate, dismissed the widespread criticism of media concentration. In fact, CanWest publications committee chair David Asper in a speech in January borrowed lyrics from the rock group REM: “I can say to our critics and especially to the bleeding hearts of the journalist community, that it’s the end of the world as they know it – and I feel fine,” he said. In reality, the phenomenon of media concentration reflects the bias of those who are most served by the status quo.

At Siafu, we believe that we need more information that is credible, relevant and accessible to people beyond the elite. Because these kinds of sources that provide alternative information are sorely lacking. Because information is an important tool to inspire action and is a necessary prerequisite for major change in policy and political norms.

Our Goals:

  • To provide news and analysis from a viewpoint that is not generally represented in mainstream media
  • Particularly from people who generally aren’t represented or are under represented
  • In a way that empowers and allows people and communities to represent themselves
  • To examine the power structures of the subject and society, and to recognize that everything is political
  • Providing an alternative to the agenda of those in positions of power

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