The Roots of our Food

Siafu asks Montrealers about the food they eat


Photos by Luna Bégin
Compiled by Brendan Edwards

Living in an urban area, it’s rare for many of us to know how fresh our produce is, let alone meet the people who grow it. Luckily, Montreal’s farmers’ markets at Atwater, St. Michel and Jean-Talon provide the rare chance for shoppers and farmers to mingle.

Siafu took a stroll through the Jean-Talon market one Friday morning and asked people:

“Do you think Montrealers are becoming more or less aware of where their food is being grown?”

Name: Alexandra

People that come here [Jean Talon market] are more aware about where their food is being grown, but most people go to the supermarket and are not as aware. Some day, perhaps big supermarkets as we know them today will be a thing of the past.

Name: Nathalie

Yes, people ask more questions about their food and when given the choice, buy locally grown foods. We try to volunteer the information as much as possible.

Name: Gilbert

Yes, because they make the link between their health and the food they eat; it’s the same thing as with exercise.